Effective Cloud Firestore — Part 1

The pros and cons of Cloud Firestore

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This is the series of articles describing how to use Firestore effectively. As a part 1, I’ll tell you the pros and cons of Cloud Firestore.
(日本語版はこちらです: Cloud Firestoreの勘所 パート1 — Cloud Firestoreの概要)

Cloud Firestore is regarded as one of the service of Firebase or one of the services of GCP(Google Cloud Platform), and I’ll treat Cloud Firestore as the former. This also applies when treating other services such as Cloud Functions. In short, Firebase is the wrapper service of GCP especially for client applications, and it is more convenient than using GCP directly in general, so I’ll recommend you to use the services via Firebase if possible.

There are documents for Firebase and GCP and they resemble each other, and so it is enough to read the former basically 👍

In the first place, if you think “what’s Cloud Firestore”, refer to this article (mainly first half).
(Sorry, this is written in Japanese 🇯🇵 🙇)

Benefits of using Firestore

First, I’ll tell you the benefits of using Firestore.

Serverless (No need to manage servers)

No need to manage servers by using Firestore and it is common to all Firebase services, so you’ll get these benefits:

  • Cut the cost of managing servers
  • Obtain high availability

But, Firestore is still beta now, so you should pay attention to these restrictions:

Indeed, you may concern about “out of SLA”, but it works very well these days in my experience. Until 2017, I felt some buggy behaviors and latency, but I cannot…



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